You can use the add-on free of charge. However, each draft created or sent contains a link to at the bottom of each message. Once you are familiar with the add-on and meet your needs, you can purchase either a day pass, a thirty-day pass or activate it for all users in your domain.


If you need to send personalized emails* daily, use the thirty-day pass. Once activated, messages do not contain AnyMerge branding.

NOTE*: Please keep in mind that Google imposes its quotas for the number of emails you can send per day. For a standard Gmail account, it is 100/day. For business accounts, it is 1500/day. More details.

Year Pass / All Users / 199$ / Year

Get the best deal with a year pass. No matter how many users you have in your Google Workspace domain, you always pay a flat price.

100% satisfaction guarantee

We are a hassle-free provider. If you are dissatisfied with the AnyMerge add-ons, request a refund within 30 days of your purchase directly from PayPal. Refund is possible only for a year pass.

Activation Keys

You will receive an activation key shortly after we receive payment via PayPal. Use the activation key immediately to activate your pass.

Activation keys are issued for the Gmail account (email address) you are currently signed in. Only this account will be able to use an activation key to activate a pass. Make sure you are signed using the correct Gmail account. The email address of your account is displayed in the add-on above the PayPal buttons.