Invalid Inline Image Name

Add-on discovered an inline image with unsupported characters in its name. In order to make sure inline images are processed by the add-on and displayed correctly in various email clients, you need to rename the image.

Inline image names can contain only US alphabetic characters a-zA-Z , numbers 0-9, underscore _, dot ., dash - , parentheses () and a blank space character.

It is easy to fix, follow these steps:

  1. Remove the image in question from your draft

  2. Rename the image on your laptop or in Drive so it contains only allowed characters

  3. Re-insert it back to the draft as inline image

  4. Done

  5. Start merge process again

A few valid examples:

✅ Inline Image.png

✅ My logo.png

✅ image (1).png

✅ 2021_02_01-838632.png

A few invalid examples:

❌ Promocin.jpg - the name contains ascended character ó, replace it with o => Promocion.jpg ✅

❌ image[1].jpg - the name contains square brackets, remove them or replace them with parentheses => image1.jpg or image(1).jpg ✅