Merge spreadsheet data into Gmail messages like a boss!

STREAMLINE THE entire process and eliminate human errors.

AnyMerge Mail is a Google Spreadsheets mail merge add-on. You can send up to 1 500 personalized emails from your business account per day. With this add-on you can merge spreadsheet data into Gmail messages as text values, QR codes, images as well as you can add multiple attachments from Google Drive.

With AnyMerge Mail add-on you can:

  • send up to 1 500 emails a day from you business account

  • automatically create hundreds of Gmail drafts from a single draft template

  • send personalized emails with text values, links, images and QR codes

  • add multiple files from your Google Drive as attachments

You can use the add-on free of charge.

Install the add-on and give it a try!