Since version 1.2

Take advantages of predefined templates to get started quickly. Go to add-on settings and choose a template you would like to use. Add-on creates a sample sheet, a sample draft and configures mapping and output configuration for you. Just hit the GENERATE button to see results.

Mobile Attendance ID Cards

Creates ID cards with QR codes for Mobile Attendance tracking system. You can now send ID cards via email. No need to print them out.

Membership Cards

Send membership cards with QR codes via email. Once members show up use you tracking tool to scan those cards from a smartphone.

Event Tickets

You can send out event tickets as well. Whether you are organizing a music event or a conference you can use the add-on to create tickets and send them to your attendees directly from Gmail.

Loyalty Cards

Would you like to reward your loyal customers? Using the add-on you can send out loyalty cards and scan them when customers come in person to your place.