Add-on inserts value from a column as a link.

Shorten URL

Add-on shortens links with Bitly. This option is available only if you set Bitly access token.


Title is the text displayed in document, link is where it points.

Use Link as Title

Value of the link will be displayed as the title in output document. For example you have a source sheet with a column Wiki Link.

Bitly Enabled

Get Title from a Column

You might want to have a title for each link. Choose column where titles will be taken form. For example you have columns Wiki Link and Title in the source sheet and you set get title from column to Title.

Bitly Enabled

Set Title

In case you want to set one title for all links choose this option and provide the title. In this scenario all links from a column will have the same title. For example you set value to Open.

Bitly Enabled